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Paolo Tanti

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About Latinspire


I have more than 20 years of experience in the Latin dancing world, having enjoyed a range of different experiences including being a Salsa events'organizer, a dance teacher, a collector of Salsa LP, a Latin DJ, a dance festival volunteer...


I start studying Bachata Sensual in 2016 and over the years I attend to a number of international congresses, workshops and intensive bootcamps around Europe, being exposed to the teaching of several Masters of Bachata Sensual, and to their different interpretation of the dance. 


My focus is initially on the teachings of Korke & Judith, who are universally recognised for creating and popularizing the Bachata Sensual style and movement. In the summer of 2017, I attend their Choreographic Bootcamp in Benidorm, performing on the stage side to side with Korke, and messing up the routine spectacularly (me, Korke did just fine!). Then I was one of the few lucky participants to their one-of-a-kind Technical Bootcamp at the "El Sol" festival in 2018, a 5 days intensive course with the Bachata Sensual creators. From 2019 to 2021, I take private classes with Daria Chaika, one of the most talented dancers in Prague and certified instructor by Korke & Judith, also occasionally helping her as a a teacher assistant during her lessons. In 2021, I fly to Rome for 5 days to take intensive private classes with Nando Fragasso from Mafia Latina, Educator for Korke&Judith and boss of the biggest and mightiest Bachata Sensual school in Rome. 


Since 2021, I get increasingly interested in Luis & Andrea, former Korke&Judith's Ambassadors and one of the most successful bachata Masters worldwide. Falling madly in love with their interpratation of the dance, I start chasing them all around Europe to attend their workshops in major Bachata festivals. I also become an avid user of their online platform, which allow live streaming and feedback and corrections directly from them.

In the meantime, on the dancefloor I am asked increasingly where I learned to dance and get comments about how my dancing is different, so I start thinking about sharing with others this style of Bachata Sensual that I love and that is so popular Worldwide, but not very well known in Prague yet. For this reason, I decide to learn in detail the Luis & Andrea teaching methodology enrolling their program for teachers and I am currently engaged in training hard with them to complete the programe and become one of their certified instructors.

In my classes, I strictly follow their teachings and core principles: quality of basic steps and body isolation, large use of countermovement and body leading, harmonization of Bachata Sensual and Moderna to match all different flavors of Bachata Music.  


Bachata teaching for me is not a business, but it is a way for me to share what I like and to give a positive contribution to other people life. In our Bachata community, I reclaim the joy, lightness, and human warmth which are the true Inspiration of Latin dances, while I reject the sectarism, the lack of inclusiveness and the excessive exhibitionism.

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