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Bachata Ladies Weekend

LADIES INTENSIVE WEEKEND WORKSHOP (TWO STYLES FOR ALL LEVELS) BACHATA MODERNA SATURDAY - SENSUAL FUSION SUNDAY *************************** VALENTINE'S DAY EDITION ************************ After the WONDERFUL FUN UNFORGETTABLE Ladies Workshop in January, our favorite "Girls Time Out" continues to ROCK after Valentine's Day! This workshop is FOR YOU, if you're searching for: . inspiration for your dancing style . confidence-boost for the dancefloor . improvement in: - musicality - general dance technique - body movements. MAIN FOCUS OF THE TWO DAYS BACHATA MODERNA SATURDAY (useful styling for couple bachata dancing as a follower): . hip moves . bachata footwork . arms styling SENSUAL FUSION SUNDAY (bachata sensual fused with moves and style from other dances) . body isolation . waves . seductive movements ;) ...combined in mini-choreos for pratice. High heels, great music, sexxy moves, lot of laughs - let's celebrate Valentine's Day in OUR style!. :) TIME & PLACE & PRICE: Saturday - Sunday 18-19 February 10AM-2PM Art Centrum Botic (Vyšehradská 6, Praha 2) daypass 650 kc / 4 x 60 mins fullpass 1200 kc / 8 x 60 mins

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