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BACHATERAS, After our Autumn session full of smiles and sexy moves, we continue with our styling-journey also in the New Year! Join me, let's enjoy a wonderful TIME ONLY FOR US! THESE CLASSES ARE FOR YOU, if you're searching for: . inspiration for your dancing style . confidence-boost for the dancefloor . improvement in: - musicality - general dance technique - body movements. The style will be mainly a fusion of sensual and moderna. Classes will focus on: . body isolation and waves . footwork & arms styling . stretching for flexibility. Three types of the classes you can choose from: . CHOREOGRAPHY COURSE (advanced level) learning a whole song choreo with complex combinations of movements . STYLING & TECHNIQUE COURSES (beginner/intermediate/upper-intermediate) building a strong base for your (not only) bachata dancing . INTENSIVE WEEKEND WORKSHOP (all levels) both above combined in a one-day intensive package - stretching for better flexibility, useful spinning&waving exercises, tips and mini-choreo. I am looking really forward to see and work with You, Nora :) TIME & PLACE & PRICE: CHOREOGRAPHY COURSE: Tuesdays 8-9:30PM Art Centrum Botic (Vyšehradská 6, Praha 2) 1850 kc / 8 x 90 mins STYLING & TECHNIQUE COURSES: BEGINNER: Tuesdays 5-6PM Art Centrum Botic 1250 kc / 8 x 60 mins INTERMEDIATE: Tuesdays 6-7PM Art Centrum Botic 1250 kc / 8 x 60 mins UPPER-INTERMEDIATE: Thursdays 9-10PM BraDance Studio (Zubateho 4, Praha 5) 1550 kc / 8 x 60 mins WEEKEND INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: ......INFO COMING SOON

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