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Dagmar Spain

Vše je možné...

Dagmar Spain (dancer, choreographer, actor, director), born in the Czech Republic, received her dance training in Frankfurt, Germany and in New York (MFA) where she resided for 20 years. At age ten a ballet teacher planted the seed of her joy in improvisation, which eventually led to her discovery of choreography. This joy influences all her artistic choices including acting and directing.

In 2000 Dagmar founded her company Dance Imprints to ensure continuous original works collaborating with filmmakers, musicians, directors, actors and dancers. Her company has produced three evening length works: A/Part (2004), Beside Me (2008) Re:turn (2009) andThat which moves forward…(2015) and a dozen shorter works, choreography for the plays Marat/Sade directed by Mel Rada (2012) Dokola(2012) directed by Jay DeJonker and Sacrifices (2014), a site-specific work directed by Vanessa Gendron. Internationally her work has been presented in Germany, Canada, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France,  Japan and mainly in the US.

The weaving of dance, theater, music and film in one organic artistic expression is her hallmark and ground for endless curiosity. Her interest in writing has produced one original play, Re:turn (2009) and several monologues and dialogues: Await (2011), Urban Landscapes(2012), Through the Mirror (2013), What about my face? (2015),  Me, as stranger at Home (2015) and 2 Women, 1000 stories…(2015) 

She lived for the past six years mostly in Prague, in her home country, which has a deep significance in her life and has uncovered new artistic inspirations, such as her work Yellow is not Gold (2012) in New York, which was also performed together with her newest workSorry…you’re in my space (2013) at Studio Alta in Prague and in April 2014 at the Uferstudios in Berlin. And if not, what if…? (2014) in collaboration with percussionist Elia Morretti and videographer Wayne Wong was performed September 26 & 27, 2014 at divadlo ponec in Prague. Her ongoing collaboration with musicians brought many more productions last year 2015. For Summer Solstice, a music concert with dance last June in Prague, Dagmar choreographed six different dances. The music ranged from classical to opera and contemporary music by Fernando Otero, Alessandro La Rocca and Tomáš Mach. With Fernando Otero, a Latin Grammy winner in contemporary classical composition, she toured last October the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, as well as performed That, which moves forward… October 5 at divadlo Ponec in Prague with live music by Fernando Otero & Jose Ramon Gonzales with the Chamber String Orchestra, Prague. February 2016 she compiled new and old works into one new evening of solos & duets called Blind Spot with musicians Alessandro La Rocca & Tomáš Mach at divadlo Kolowrat in Prague.

Her acting career includes several short films: Five non Five (2005) by Anja Zander (gallery Tornado am Ostkreuz, Berlin), Marat/Sade (2012) by Althea Thauberger (Liverpool Biennial), Dance of  Birds (2013) by Samir Tlatli (Cannes Short Film Corner), Through the Mirror (2013) by Lewis Smithingham and Dagmar Spain, among many others. She is playing the role of “Striga” (witch) in the TV series Borgia (European version ) season 3 (2013), directed by Christoph Schrewe. In theater she has performed the mother “Amanda” in The Glass Menagerie  by Tennesse Williams directed by Steve Josephson at the divadlo na pradle, May 2013 in Prague. She was also acting in the short film “Nosferatu in love” written and directed by oscar nominated screen-writer Peter Straughan (November 2013), and The concrete Law(2014) directed by Luka Kvesenic and Reinis Inkens. In 2015 she performed in two plays Persona Atlas directed by Ida Kat Balslev andMoment of Silence directed by Azadeh Mohammadi major and minor roles, as well “2 Women 1000 Stories … ” with Liliana Velasquez, an original theatrical production with dance, in Prague. In 2016 she created the short film Serafina (2016) in collaboration with Organic Creations, a group of independent filmmakers and artists in Berlin.

In November 2015, Dagmar moved to her most permanent residence in Berlin, getting involved in the dance and theatre community there, performing and teaching. She is creating the film Minutes of Otherness, her first screen-play this summer 2016 in Berlin & Prague.

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